Corey Henning


Corey found Footloose after sustaining a motorcycle injury. The doctors had told him that he may never be able to walk or talk again. Sailing had been a passion of Corey’s and Footloose provided a way for him to get back on the water. It also provided the motivation he needed to get back on his feet, literally. Watch the video above to hear the story in his own words.

Corey was a loved and valued member of the Footloose family. During his recovery, he began to share his story and volunteer, inspiring others to overcome as well. He also became a board member, fund raiser with his mom Geri and an all around promoter of Footloose! His little dog Jazzy an Corey’s big smile were a familiar sight at Footloose events.

Fondly remembered also will be the famous “Bag omelettes” he would make for breakfast during the annual Blake Island camping trip.

Corey- Thank you for all you have done for Footloose. You will be missed. May you find fair winds and following seas in the hereafter. 

Footloose is Corey’s charity of choice. If you would like to donate, use the form below or see the Support Footloose page for additional ways to support us.