Footloose Board, Volunteer and Participant Behavior Expectations

All shall conduct themselves in a manner supporting the Footloose mission statement, safety policies and operation procedures.

Footloose is an all-volunteer organization. Please act with the highest volunteer ideals.

All are encouraged to learn as much as possible about disability, sailing and Footloose operations and equipment. This helps to improve safety, avoid injury and prevent damage.

Not permitted at Footloose activities and events are:
Alcohol, drugs (prescribed medicines exempted)
Chemically impaired behavior
Sexual harassment, lewdness or unwanted advances
Firearms (exemption ; must have concealed weapons permit or are law enforcement

Angry, argumentative, belligerent or violent behavior
Political statement or campaigning
Religious proselytizing or discussion
Non-Footloose related solicitation unless approved by the Footloose board

Failure to meet the above expectations can result in: Being asked to leave the premises
Losing Footloose membership
Being asked to leave the organization and activities 911 call

Legal involvement
Redress is available with the Footloose board through normal meetings or special action.

Participant Behavior Standards:
Volunteers will make every attempt to accommodate the aspects of individuals disabilities. However, they are not prepared or trained to handle significant behavioral issues (for example, violent behavior).

Participant Personal Needs:
Volunteers are not prepared or trained to handle significant personal care needs (for example restroom needs). Individuals requiring extra support for restroom and other personal care needs must provide their own caregiver. Also, volunteers will not dispense medications to participants.

Liability Issues:
Refusal or failure to fully fill out and sign the registration / liability form on a yearly basis by volunteers or participants will result in that person being told that they cannot participate in Footloose events and revocation of membership.