Footloose Safety Policy

  1. Wheelchair users shall release all straps or wedges prior to entering a dock area. Those individuals who require support shall have a volunteer assigned to be at close attendance at all times while straps/wedges are released.
  2. All participants must wear PFD’s while on the docks and in the boats. Skippers and volunteers must set the example by doing the same.
  3. Anyone performing a transfer between boat and dock must be trained in proper transfer techniques and demonstrate competency in those techniques.
  4. Disabled sailors must be accompanied by at least one able-bodied (AB) sailor per boat. One AB each will accompany a maximum of four inexperienced disabled sailors.
  5. Participants will be evaluated to decide whether they can be safely handled in our program. A Footloose skipper may refuse to accept a participant for reasons of safety.
  6. Each skipper has the right to cancel for any reason s/he deems necessary for the participant’s safety. If several skippers are involved, there will be a joint decision but each must measure his or her own competence against the circumstances.
  7. Each skipper will be responsible for ensuring that the boat is in proper condition and has the required equipment prior to allowing the boat out to sail. A list of necessary equipment will be available on each boat. Check-out forms must be completed before and after each use.
4-22-06, updated 6-5-2011