Joe Bozick

Memorial Fund

Joe Bozick TransPuget Race

Joe’s love of sailing was legendary. He could spend hours with you talking about the places he has been, the boats he has sailed, and the races he has won, but nothing quite topped the joy he got while teaching people how to sail.

In particular, helping people with disabilities experience something they may otherwise have been unable to was a source of fulfillment

Joe embodied the Footloose motto:

Leave Your Disability at the Dock

Through the years he supported Footloose in many other ways as well, including boat maintenance, running programs, and fundraising. In fact, the newest boat in our fleet was purchased through his efforts with Shoreline Rotary, Shilshole Bay Yacht Club, and his personal network of friends.

Joe- Thank you for all you have done for Footloose. You will be missed. May you find fair winds and following seas in the hereafter. 

Footloose is Joe’s charity of choice as a memorial. If you would like to donate, use the form below or see the Support Footloose page for additional ways to support us.

Watch the speech our Ben Lobaugh gave during Joe’s celebration of life service.

Bring extra tissues. Ben barely held it together!